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  • "Дарина Коссар – путешественница, блогер, food-художник и наша соотечественница.

    Голубика и шпинат для нее - источник не столько витаминов, сколько вдохновения. Дарина умеет выложить розмарин так, что получится портрет Бредли Купера, а из зернышек граната – создать воздушный шар для влюбленных. 

    Талант девушки оценила не только я и 7,6 тыс подписчиков, а еще и марка Christian Louboutin. Для нее Дарина создала потрясающей красоты промо с участием лаков." (Read more)

    Алена Пономаренко
  • Calling Daryna Kossar a “food photographer” falls so far short of the truth it’s laughable. The more accurate title might be “food artist”, or just plain “artist”.

    Her food creations include everything from portraits and animals to landscapes and travel scenes, and each is a masterpiece of kiwi and blueberries and chocolate sauce and whipped cream and any other “materials” Daryna might be able to get her hands on.

    It’s not always food—there are flower petal dresses, and a beautiful fabric portrait of Audrey Hepburn in her portfolio—but most of the time her medium is edible, and every time her creations are too pretty to eat...(Read more)

    DL Cade
  • Ne jouez pas avec la nourriture, disait la maman de Daryna Kossar. Force est de constater que l'Ukrainienne n'a pas écouté. Si son frigo est plein, c'est pour pouvoir le vider et créer des images fruitées, ludiques et colorées. Et ne vous avisez pas de lui piquer quelque chose sans lui demander l'autorisation.

    Hey Daryna, peux-tu te présenter? Jeune femme ukrainienne âgée de 22 ans, je suis raide dingue d’art culinaire et de photo. Je suis le genre de personne à qui on ne peux pas prendre des choses du frigo sans permission (puisque la plus part des choses du frigo sont destinées à devenir des objets d’art). (Read more)

  • “We cannot hold back the reality that everyone loves food and eating; most especially, when foods are in its best presentation. Foods are not just meant for eating, apparently they can be used for an art too. Some artists would express their imaginative notion through culinary arts; it is an art of cooking and preparing foods in a way that would delight everyone’s stomach and, undoubtedly, would add a craving to your appetite. For today’s featured artist, she would take us into a sumptuous meal with an exceptional impression of an artwork.

    Daryna Kossar from Ukraine, who is a culinarian as well as an artist, has knowledge in designing and adding an impressive art to her foods. Through her imaginative views that may influence us to prepare these kinds of food with an art, there will never be a boring meal on tables anymore. Come and have a look into this delectable and flavourful food art and certainly, you would want to have one.”


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